Sunday, August 21, 2011

happy curry day!

are you 'curry' enough?

being a m'sian/ spore pr, I was sadden by the curry news and disgusted with the settlement of the mediation. see here for one of the news coverage

being in 2 countries that uniquely resides people of different races and cultural background lives harmoniously as one; it is only right for people who decides to reside here to respect and embrace it. 

it had been a long way AND time for this unique part of m'sia & s'pore to take shape thus as it is only right for us to continue upholding it. 

if there's a day that we need to move away from our home country, it'll also be our time to embrace the culture of another; and we can. 

our rich multi-cultural aspect had taught us to be gracious and generous. 
there's also lots of patience and empathy for harmony. 
I'm definitely proud of these virtues and will continue to practice them. 

I'm proud of my cultural background; 
m'sian chinese with a spore pr, 
bahasa melayu is my first language 
but speak more English, and mandarin at home, 
had good friends who were Indian, Malay and Eurasian 
and still are, 
love the colours and sound of Malay & Indian weddings 
and hope for many more to come, 
excited over religious celebration; 
be it Raya, Deepavali, Xmas or Thaipusam, 
I will continue our people's uniquely rich cultural beliefs 
and believe it's a strong fort against all odds. 

today, i'm glad to celebrate; not only the day of curry-loves but a jubilee of love and harmony among a multi-cultural nation that stands as one. 

People who Respect Culture, should cheer for it! 

something cheeky....
things we do that made us unique:
we speak in a tolerable decibel, 
not that we had anything to hide, it's just being respectful. 
anyway spore is very small, 
just talk, don't need to shout.

we use English whenever possible 
as it's the first language in school 
and also an international language
oh, btw, it's british/ american English or just singlish. 

we give way to alighting passengers 
on public transport 
because we had excellent transportation system,
and if you missed one, 
the next one will come shortly and pretty much on time.

we all understand and practice city life,
village life is our foundation 
that mould us for today 
so we value them, 
but we will use the dustbins today 
because it's a garden city 
and we respect the environment 
and the city that house us. 

i'm as enthusiastic as any activist for this call but my voice is small. I bet you can do more. do your part as a true-blue supporter of this harmony and spread your words. trust me.. it'll be music to the ears of many! 

my salute to the following:
mr brown--

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