Wednesday, February 17, 2010

craving for something

i crave this every day, every hour, every meal, forever... 

soups had always made me feel healthy, always made me think of home - because mum makes fantastic soup that's served warm when we sat down for dinner. something everyone would love to go back home for (apart from the lazy couch to watch the evening shows or the comfy bed to snooze in)

this cny, i didn't had the opportunity to taste much soup from her truly mum's due to my short stay. but it was indeed a good time to be back home, putting me back to my root at some point - cherishing relationships, loving love, understanding caring is important to everyone.

there's so much that i think we tend to forget and lost when we start leading our own life, be it on our own or having a family of our own.

all these goes back to my craving for a bowl of good soup. or rather a pot where i can share it with those that i loved. soup is a combination of many ingredients; soup is boiled and ingredients are cooked to perfection.
it's also like a foundation of a person - being breast-feed by our mums, taught lessons by our dads, educated by our teachers, stole a cookies or two with our siblings, learned to climb a tree with the neighbor's kid, copied and plagiarized for our degree thesis by unforeseen circumstances (haha), forced to face challenges in our work due to the most basic need - to survive and live and of course many more for most.

so instead of instant noodles, fried/ boiled eggs, soup noodles, toasties, sandwiches and pastas, i'm sure i can do more.

give me vegetable soups with my favorite vegetables afloat a beautiful soup base and overly cooked vegetables sinking at the bottom making it a great stew for another dish.

give me beef stew with well cooked beef cubes and soft onions swimming side by side. with occasional bites into sweet soft red and white carrots (or turnips/ 白萝卜). 

so if you know a simple way for that soup that you love and would like to pass on the recipe (don't lost it), please do share with everyone here at tokinglekkerding.

soup is like the result of many things; good or bad, combined together. it's the end-result to the patient and dedication one inject in to correct the bad and to improve the good.

have a bowl of your favorite soup today and sink in that feeling...

Friday, February 12, 2010

some feelings buried deep inside..

love story - taylor swift

we were both young when i first saw you
i close my eyes
and the flashback starts
im standing there
on a balcony of summer air

see the lights,
see the party the ball gowns
i see you make your way through the crowd
you say hello
little did i know

that you were romeo you were throwing pebbles
and my daddy said stay away from juliet
and i was crying on the staircase
begging you please don’t go, and i said

romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
i’ll be waiting all theres left to do is run
you’ll be the prince and i’ll be the princess
its a love story baby just say yes

so i sneak out to the garden to see you
we keep quiet because we’re dead if they know
so close your eyes
lets keep this down for a little while
cause you were romeo i was a scarlet letter
and my daddy said stay away from juliet
but you were everything to me
and i was begging you please don’t go and i said

romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
i’ll be waiting all theres left to do is run
you be the prince and i’ll be the princess
its a love story baby just say yes

romeo save me, don’t try to tell me how it feels
this love is difficult, but its so real
don’t be afraid we’ll make it out of this mess
its a love story baby just say yes,

Oh, oh

I got tired of waiting
wondering if you were ever coming around
my faith in you was fading
when i met you on the outskirts of town, and I said

romeo save me i’ve been feeling so alone
i keep waiting for you but you never come
is this in my head, i don’t know what to think
he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

marry me juliet you’ll never have to be alone
i love you and thats all I really know
i talked to your dad you’ll pick out the white dress
its a love story baby just say yes
oh, oh, yes
we were still young when i first saw you

watch mv of love story here

sometimes we had had some deep feelings about something. but we just can't express it. i always think music is an avenue to release that inner thoughts. my dear colleague, caine, played this song today on his lappy and it just inspired me. 
it'll be great if i can get my hands on the piano score for Love Story (taylor swift) meets Viva La Vida (coldplay) and if i can manage to play the song on my ol' piano, i'll video myself playing the piece and post it here! hehe.... 

so looking forward to it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

you haven't update anything ler..

in respond to some feedback, i'm inspired to be back and about....
(i should!)

Been really lazy lately
Ain't doing anything productive
Really feel sorry for my bloggy
Received feedback that I should be more proactive.

Yes I think I should be
Search, source, research and try
Easy to say but I'll try my best to be
Active again at what I'm good and enjoy doing.

Hey, I'm back so please give me your support by visiting tokinglekkerding and leave your comments!