Saturday, October 23, 2010

why woman shouldn't be on the rig

something that i've concluded..something you might want to know...

reason 1: NOTHING will fit a woman; not the helmet, not the coveralls, not the safety boots - or it's just me?

reason 2: there's no public phones to chat for hours with friends. only emergency ones. and YES, it's an emergency if i cannot keep toking..

reason 3: every buttons look tempting. but i only know the button to the washing machine, the dryer, the electrical stove and the vacuum cleaner

reason 4: there's only one electrical box that we should know to toggle the switch back on when there's a trip. a room where electricity is being generated is too much for the delicate ears.

reason 5: everything is far too huge - for little me...

reason 6: will get lost!

reason 7: big vehicles with no styles are not in-style

reason 8: posing and enjoying the scenery is better than working 

reason 9: STILL lost, STILL too big (refer to reason 5 & 6)

reason 10: still need to look good at work so probably 
half of the time will be used for combing hair & touch-ups

reason 11: don't drill with concrete and heavy machines. 
err, in the first place, we don't do the drilling! (if you get wat i mean)

reason 12: will always hang around at the helipad hoping to get out

reason 13: need proper office setting with comfortable chair & neat work station - and the only buttons that need to work are those on the keyboard and nothing more...

reason 14: sleep at the work place? need a queen size bed with floral bedsheets please...

reason 15: constantly thinking of escaping...

reason 16: curiosity kills the cat

reason 17: born to be fun and sometimes crazy -too much monkeying around at work

reason 18: door knobs are too big for the slender fingers

reason 19: will get distracted with cute guy as colleague

reason 20: prefer to be photographed than to be working 

a rare opportunity to visit the rig on 29 Aug 2010 that my man will be working on. was amazed by the make of every single piece of machineries down to the bolts and nuts. was totally lost half-way through the tour as there's just too much for little me. but this is definitely be a visit that i'll never forget for a very long time - seeing a  platform that sustain on it's own. 
have you had an interesting visit to somewhere that is restricted or we are too innocent (or ignorant) to know? share it with me here. i wanto to know i wanto know... 

hope this had been an interesting piece for you...