Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the angel that we pray for..

Something for that monday blue...

sometimes when you're lost
wordless and stumbled
do your eyes crossed?
or you feel crumbled?

fear not, my friend
believe there's an angel
or believe there's a bend
for at the bend there's an angel.

you pray hard
that the angel will tell
the angel will help you to send a card
to someone and ring the alarm bell.

you pray hard
that all will go well
because the angel will send the trump card
which will sets everything well

sometimes i find myself dumb
for sending my angel and not on my own
that's probably because i'm just a little bubble gum
unknown, used and then thrown.

i know i'm more than that
and everyone should know that too
just think of the situation and laugh at
because life is like that and it shouldn't be all that blue.

something i felt strongly after a few bad incidents. but it's part and parcel of life and part of everyone's life.
give me a comment if you feel the same as  i do. truly appreciate that i'm not alone, from someone who loves to tok...

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