Monday, November 30, 2009

the single woman sleeps

when i feel troubled or melancholy
i couldn't sleep at night
lonesome, loss and all those sad feelings
like giant waves start hitting in

maybe it's the noisy neighbor
it may also be the tap with a broken washer
surely it's the second tickings of the ol' wind-up clock
some of the things that i blame for that sleepless night

with a queen size bed
offering too much space
untouched and empty
define how the heart spells

spoon sleep with me cuddled inside
tingle my shoulder till i fall asleep..
reality starts sipping in now
a single bed is more suitable for me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

islomaniac - KOH TAO, thailand (part 2)

still lost, still happy..

koh tao wasn't the initial destination. it was nang yuan island that caught the attention. it is a small island that had been 'privatized', of course, for commercial tourism reason. it is also a protected island where regulations were tight on the protection of the corals and natural stuff on the island. and the most interesting and beautiful part of this island is how a group of 3 small islands were connected to form one island-destination that you should visit. read on...

(click here to read more about nang yuan island)

the ferry transfer from koh samui to koh tao took about an hour and half. in between the trip, there'll be one-stop at koh phangan, which is a renown island-destination for full-moon parties ( one on Saturday 30 January 2010). the lomprayah high speed ferry offers a comfortable trip on the sea although i'm prone to sea-sick. there's an open-air deck which you can rest your feet on the plastic chairs available, enjoy the sea breeze and scenery throughout the entire ride. my advise: good to make a friend or two *wink*

a sneak peek at nang yuan island when the ferry stopped by the island to unload some wooden planks. just wondering what the wooden planks are for...

sometimes it's difficult to explain the feeling. jubilee? excited? satisfied? -saw something online or a picture and finally seeing the real thing.

as the ferry headed towards koh tao, it passed by the coast of the island and there it was - dusit buncha resort - beautifully built among the boulders along the coast of the island.

at the pier, it was a little chaotic as there were taxi drivers and locals promoting their transfer service.
as there is no resort transfer indicated in the booking made prior, had to get a taxi to the resort. i'm pretty much a 'woman' person - a local woman came up to me and started speaking in thai. she said i looked like a local...err is this bad or good? anyway, she offered her taxi service and having a soft-spot for women, agreed to her service (400THB) but honestly, there's no need to worry about touting. everyone offers almost the same price. when travelling, especially since there's language barrier, it's really difficult to avoid being charged extra for everything. my advise: just do some research prior, bargain if you're confident and adopt the 'give & take' mentality - you win some, you lose some.

the taxi ride on a 4-wheel drive only took about 15-20mins but as koh tao is not as developed, the roads were pretty bumpy with lots of up and downhills.

arriving at dbr was a little painful as there wasn't a nice facade or formal entrance. it was a rocky path followed by a horrible steep slope. basically i have to walk super slow and i'm glad i had my m track shoe if not i would have slip and gone rolling down - although i think that would be faster. but all that was worth it as the lobby was in-sight. it was a simple and yet welcoming lobby. the staff were really friendly and made guests feel at home. (dbr actually offers resort transfers on request. i only realised they had dropped me an email to check if i need the transfer when i was back. and it was really nice to know that dbr did send someone to wait at the pier that day)

was really tired after all the transfers from koh samui, but was delighted to see the seaview room. rustic but original - brings you back to nature. and true to what i know, the room was built among the boulders. check out the gigantic boulder in the bathroom!

more boulders from the balcony

since all sweaty from all the travelling, it was a perfect time to head for a dip in the pool and at the same time, check out the other part of the resort.
dbr is as true as it is based on my research. it's 'true' also because it brings you so close to nature, back to the truth of how life should be. the entire resort was built on, while preserving the natural landscape of the bouldered coast. definitely a test to architecture but definitely made it's worth.

the heart of the resort - beautiful settings with a clear view of the nang yuan island - a sight that you would love to wake up to every morning...

and the sun set view from the pool

it was a long day. ended with a simple meal and a couple of drinks. was looking forward to explore koh tao the next day.

next up: knowing koh tao, experiencing koh tao, never forget koh tao.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

do u know? - the new ice blast

this isn't really healthy, but what the heck.

malboro had this new ciggy labelled ice blast. it comes with a black packaging, not the normal whites.
it's suppose to be more minty than ice mint.
but there's a trick to trigger that 'blast' of mint.
there's actually a bead in the filter and anytime you need the extra 'blast', just press on the bead and you'll feel the crack of the bead and a soft pop sound.
take a puff and you'll feel the difference.
apart from the extra mint, it also had bubble-gum taste to it.
novelty and interesting

something to know, for fun..

Friday, November 27, 2009

islomaniac - KOH TAO, thailand (part 1)

it's when you're lost, but you feel happy you are..

koh tao กาะเต่า, also know as Turtle Island, an island near the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand is probably the upcoming island-destination that you should consider.

unlike it's 'big brothers', koh samui and kho phangan, koh tao is an island of only 21km². with a population of 1382 recorded in 2006, you get the picture.

click here to read more on koh tao

getting to koh tao need a little more planning compared to koh samui or koh phangan as the island is only accessible by ferry and further up the gulf. there are only a few time slot available for ferry transfers per day,so making sure that the flight arrival coincide with a ferry departure time would be perfect.

otherwise, arrange to put up a night in one of many beautiful and cost efficient resorts in koh samui and take your time the next day for the ferry transfer!

took the later flight of the day so arrived in koh samui at around 10.30pm. thank goodness there were private taxi services available at the airport  (300-400THB). wasn't expecting anything but was surprised a nice clean suv turned up as a private taxi. headed towards chaweng bayview resort (cbr) which was about 500m away from the airport.
friendly local guy was waiting with a torch light at the lobby. check-in was just a signature and was lead to the villa room.

very quiet resort, probably it was the low-peak season. serene uphill landscape. well maintained greeneries. all rooms were unique.
almost all the rooms had 3/4 of the room surrounded with tall windows and glass door. you're indoor but you're surrounded with beautiful scenery that you would like to keep all curtains up.

breakfast at the pool area which was located at the highest point of the resort. simple american-breakfast but it was good since my stomach was filled with butterfly for the next destination.

for the ferry transfer, it was easy. most resorts can help to book the ferry ticket and even arrange for the transfer to the ferry terminal (550THB all inclusive, one-way).

as cbr was closer to the airport, it needs about 45min on-the-road ride to the speed boat terminal at mae nam pier. oh, for ferry transfer service, just go or request for lomprayah high speed ferries as the ticket fee includes one on-shore transfer on mini vans, which was pretty decent; air-conditioned with courteous and friendly driver.

this trip really requires a lot of walking so good walking shoes or footwear really make a difference.

*yawn*.i need a shut-eye. will continue in a while... (i hope)

next up: ferry transfer, sea breeze in the hair and the destination!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

way overdue..

busy packing, busy organizing, busy sorting out..

with all that, my blog update on my last holiday is way overdue.
my plan to post some polls had also been delayed.
schedule had been topsy turn.

can i blame anyone?
i can only blame myself.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

after 13 years...still going strong!

st michael sports day cheerleading 2009 (click this subtitle to view!)

can never get enough of this.

masa tu lah kita semangat sekali
selepas persekolahan, belum pernah berasa begitu semangat lagi

Our team is B-E-S-T best
Down the L-I-N-E line
So we L-O-V-E love them
All the T-I-M-E time

Michaels michaels you can do it
Keep the beat and you can prove it!

if only i can remember more...

the "secret identity" in within

i should be doing something else... seriously

i always had this in my head.
it's neither procrastination nor distraction.
i think there's something else
probably there are 2 of me, in within me!

there's always time when we question our own profession. whether we are doing something that we really like or because we were somehow lead into it through coincidence or fate.
my ex-colleagues used to say although i'm in account servicing, actually the me-inside crave to be a designer. and there's also the other profession that i should be in: gift-wrapping specialist, receptionist, tourist guide, etc

we were being taught to choose our career since we were born. how parents bought toys that jump start our curiosity and evokes our interest. and then, there's influence from friends and media that determine our 'ambition' during our schooling days. part of growing up, i presume.

i love extra-curriculum in school so yah, i was a member in a few clubs or so, was active in sports and participated in competitions. that kinda influence our decision towards our ambition.

and then, we completed high school and need to decide for our college/ uni status. other influences starts to seep in; financial, peer and family pressure, more media.
we made up our mind and major in something we had hopes for. and then we met more people, made more friends, had easier access to communication and technology, of course more media, so will these shakes the decision?
at this point, sometimes we succumbed and continue on. but for those who are able, they made the switch.-good for yer.
for some, we stayed on and we side track-a bit. tried to add-on skills and learn through other means; readings, online searches, crash courses, twining program etc.

graduated and we look for a job/ career with our academic results. that pretty much determine it - it's the end.
or not?

i admire those that take the plunge to switch their career after awhile. reason varies - probably jaded by the industry, seen enough, earned enough or finally stop denying the fact that they are good at something else.

for me, i was going where the wind blow me. very much yield to my fate - wanted to major in science but took commerce and arts in high school, business in college and preferred communication & logistic management but ended up in PRA. thought i'm good in pr but ended up in advertising. that's that. kinda sealed my career path.

but i can to do more. i know more than that. somehow being in advertising exposed me to all sorts industry - you can never believe how many. social activities also help to boost the dos and knows and in the course of it, i learned that i'm actually interested to do something else and i'm actually good at something else. it's like a secret exposed. there's another identity of me, in within, that's waiting to show itself. i start to re-think about my career. or should i?

i believe everyone possess multiply talents.we're now similar to the new generation of technological products. symbian. we can choose to emphasize on our forte and use the additional knows/ talents as support. some of us can even monetize their talent or interest outside of their career - thumbs up for that.

 i think that's something that i should be doing.. let the secret out

Monday, November 23, 2009

my life will stop here...for a while

i want to feel numb
i don't want to have a heart
to feel the ache
i don't want to have senses
to feel the pain
i don't want to have a brain
to think at all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

it's a lazy sunday...

i should be doing something else...

woke up this morning with a sore right eye. must have been something i saw in my dream.. or it's just dust...
Sarinande, putri Sarinande
Mengapa matamu merah?
Aduh mama, aduhlah papa
Bak asap api masuk di mata
Aduh mama, aduhlah papa
Kekasih ku jauh dari mata

come on in, take a sit & let's tok...

to all my beloved friends who have dropped by from my Facebook (FB) news update - THANK YOU!!

at tokinglekkerding, apart from the traditional blog (just me toking), i would also like to involve YOU in my blog. 

come share with me your latest knows and let's tok about it!

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come back soon and let's keep toking...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

any day is a good day to start toking

"start blogging and share your experience", a dear colleague (sharon) told me. probably because i've been toking too much..

our first word comes around when we're 12-months old, according to expert. i think i started mine when i was in my mummy's womb.

so let's keep things short, and let's tok...