Friday, November 27, 2009

islomaniac - KOH TAO, thailand (part 1)

it's when you're lost, but you feel happy you are..

koh tao กาะเต่า, also know as Turtle Island, an island near the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand is probably the upcoming island-destination that you should consider.

unlike it's 'big brothers', koh samui and kho phangan, koh tao is an island of only 21km². with a population of 1382 recorded in 2006, you get the picture.

click here to read more on koh tao

getting to koh tao need a little more planning compared to koh samui or koh phangan as the island is only accessible by ferry and further up the gulf. there are only a few time slot available for ferry transfers per day,so making sure that the flight arrival coincide with a ferry departure time would be perfect.

otherwise, arrange to put up a night in one of many beautiful and cost efficient resorts in koh samui and take your time the next day for the ferry transfer!

took the later flight of the day so arrived in koh samui at around 10.30pm. thank goodness there were private taxi services available at the airport  (300-400THB). wasn't expecting anything but was surprised a nice clean suv turned up as a private taxi. headed towards chaweng bayview resort (cbr) which was about 500m away from the airport.
friendly local guy was waiting with a torch light at the lobby. check-in was just a signature and was lead to the villa room.

very quiet resort, probably it was the low-peak season. serene uphill landscape. well maintained greeneries. all rooms were unique.
almost all the rooms had 3/4 of the room surrounded with tall windows and glass door. you're indoor but you're surrounded with beautiful scenery that you would like to keep all curtains up.

breakfast at the pool area which was located at the highest point of the resort. simple american-breakfast but it was good since my stomach was filled with butterfly for the next destination.

for the ferry transfer, it was easy. most resorts can help to book the ferry ticket and even arrange for the transfer to the ferry terminal (550THB all inclusive, one-way).

as cbr was closer to the airport, it needs about 45min on-the-road ride to the speed boat terminal at mae nam pier. oh, for ferry transfer service, just go or request for lomprayah high speed ferries as the ticket fee includes one on-shore transfer on mini vans, which was pretty decent; air-conditioned with courteous and friendly driver.

this trip really requires a lot of walking so good walking shoes or footwear really make a difference.

*yawn*.i need a shut-eye. will continue in a while... (i hope)

next up: ferry transfer, sea breeze in the hair and the destination!

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