Thursday, January 21, 2010

something about trying and trying

2nd attempt on my first Holga...
kinda tongue-twister..haha
this is getting interesting. with all the tips from friends, i'm picking skills and technics here and there.
although this time, the 35mm film still look like it was installed wrongly 
(most pic's focus was off and i've got tons of friends' head got chopped off), i'm pretty glad that the rest of the effect turns out as i've expected.

but i would love to hear and get more pointers from experts out there. so do share ok?!

when i did this shot, my colleague was like 'wah, like that also can?' anything is possible...

more of my colleagues - sorry guys, keep using you guys as my experiments..hehe

i didn't let go of my fat pet dog too...sorry baby but you just look cute!

i'm looking forward to my 3rd and 4th attempts results. crossing my fingers that it'll be much better and more error-less pieces.

till then, keep your comments and pointers coming in!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

islomaniac - KOH TAO, thailand (part 4)

the finale that i don't want to complete...
procrastinate and i'll never get things done. let's just finish off this part of my koh tao trip!

apart from a little island, there's more that one can explore. there's island hopping and one that no one should miss is the Nang Yuan Island. from Sairee Beach, simply take a taxi-boat ride (THB400-go and return for 2) and experience the sea breeze in your hair while local part-time fishermen rides the wave.

in less than 10mins, step right on the planks of Nang Yuan island. being a protected and 'privatised' island, you would need to pay THB100/person to enter the island.
my advise: try to allocate at least 5-6 hours to explore the island as there's scuba-diving, snorkelling and exploring the bouldered-island that you can do there.

Nang Yuan is made out of 3-mini islands. docked at the 1st island and walk on planks that surround the perimeter of the island to get to the next island. while walking on the planks, i saw tons and tons of died corals being washed up the boulders or accumulated near the stilts of the planks. it just start to proof that this island is so well protected that the growth of corals were in huge number.

taking a turn, and the 2nd island was visible - that's where all the excitement begin - the link between the 1st and 2nd island was actually a shallow white sand trail!
in the morning, when there's a high tide, you would need to take off your shoe and cross the trail with waves splashing up to your knees. it was really a beautiful sight although my sole hurts stepping into the sand filled with corals - painful but worth it.

stepping on the 2nd island of Nang Yuan is like reaching another part of the world. totally different with the crowd (mainly comprises of japanese, koreans and chinese) and the neat arrangement of sun-chairs with umbrellas for shade. everything is organised and some of the staff wore uniforms. very much like a private resort - which is one.

scuba diving gears and equipments are available for rent, just remember to bring more cash (THB). i did my first snorkelling and found out that probably i'm phobia to the sea (for the fact that i'm a competitive swimmer back in school),
or probably the underwater seabed at Nang Yuan is just too clear and beautiful - the sea bed was covered with white sands and boulders/ stone as big as a table filled with colourful corals swinging with the current. just do a float and look at the surface of the water, i can already see fishes swimming in front of my goggles.

for Nang Yuan, my advise: if you're lazy, pretty loaded and just need to relax, book your accommodation in the resort in Nang Yuan island itself. you can have the white sandy beach and protected sea life for the entire trip.
if not, then just do 4-5hours stay on the island. you can get the friendly taxi-boat fisherman to come back for you at a specific time.
another advise: if you have those slip-in-flipper-shoe, wear them at Nang Yuan because the beach is filled with corals, unless you just like the prickling corals at the sole of your feet at every step. and do remember an underwater camera. it's a pity i didn't had one. a disposable one would be good enough if you're in for snorkelling.

the trip back was equally astounding, for me, for sure. the sea went from high tide to low tide in the late afternoon. if i've the opportunity, i would love to do this a couple times more - going back and forth between the 2-islands.

even the corals wants me to stay, keep getting into my slipper and staying in there..

finally headed back to Sairee Beach and had a couple of beers and good local food to chill out and relax. along Sairee Beach, there's tons of food and beverages outlets that also co-run diving program/ services for divers. as mentioned in my earlier posting, when you're in koh tao, you definitely need to find your own program, be it to explore the island or to be with the beautiful sea and beach. head on down to Sairee Beach for a start to inspire and get yourself going.. 

everything fun must always come to an end - can someone convince me that i'm wrong on this statement?
yes, basically these are the zest of my virgin trip to koh tao. it's so virgin because i've tried so many new things there and i had lotsa fun and memories.

my advise: to visit koh tao at the start of the non-peak season if you're not in for hardcore diving. the rates everywhere; be it accommodation, transportation and rentals are more cheaper. go during the early month of november, because that's almost close to the monsoon season but not yet.
the trip for me was great because the rain only came on the departure day. good things happen and i appreciate that.

so tat's that for koh tao. it was quite a drag (i know) for putting this entire trip in 4 looooooong separated parts. but i think it's worth it. it had helped to sustained that sweet memories i had for the trip.
but it's time to let go and move on to more interesting and exciting finds..

never, never say good bye to koh tao...