Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i don't love you...

specially written for the one i loved and for women who are bold, smart and think more than they should about their love for another. (and mie, i didn't wrote this during work hours)

i don't love you foolishly
because i think a lot
about you and me

i don't love you blindly
because losing sight of your beautiful eyes that drowns me
is never an option to decide

i don't love you deeply
the never ending horizon is how my love for you
should be

i don't love you for who you are
but who you really are
and who you want to be

i don't love you strongly
because my knees goes weak
when you say you love me dearly

i don't love you enough
because i can't never love you enough
than words can ever describe

i don't love you madly
for you make me sane
and see all things clearly

i don't love you boldly
because i'm hoping the love for me
is stronger than ever

i don't love you passionately
because the word is too simple
for my fierce love that eludes from this piece

i don't you love you as much
because there's nothing
that can measure the love of such

i don't love you truly
because you trust me
and i give myself to you wholly

i don't love you secretly
because it's a shame
not to make that claim

i don't love you like anybody
because you're different
the one and only

remember to give me a credit should my piece be something you would appreciate...